My wife praises me to my face and then lies behind my back

I have discovered that my wife (unknown to me till now) has been secretly compulsively lying to our neighbors, her parents, and even her friends about my behavior incredibly saying that I am a violent person... You can only imagine my complete shock... especially when I have been constantly reminded by my wife how caring I am and how much she adores and loves me so much...

I have never been a violent person. This information is both heartbreaking embarrassing and extremely confusing as you can imagine... As I love her dearly and I believe that she loves me like she says.

What can I do about her lying to others and I wonder if anyone has got any ideas why she would doing this??


Sorry to hear about your situation. Compulsive lying is often linked to underlying personality disorders (see compulsive lying). If that is the case with your wife—a pattern of idealization and devaluation—it might help to take a look at the following (see BPD).

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