Past Comments – My ex-boyfriend hid contact with other people from me

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written by Redfoxx, 08 January, 2009
Don’t let anyone make you feel like you caused your boyfriend to lie to you... that’s BS. Recently I have been dealing with the same kind of guy. He lies because he doesn’t want to answer for the dirt he’s doing and he’s not going to change regardless of what you say. Also, if he lies about one thing, he’ll lie about another. My advise is to let this sorry, cheating piece-of-trash go and find a real man who has the balls to be honest with you.
written by ugg boots, 27 December, 2009
This entire post has gone from a cute Mario pic to an NSFW extravaganza, courtesy of bdwilcox (as usual). The icing on the cake is that it even contains a crack about Kevin!

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