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written by What?!?!?, 14 July, 2009
I don’t consider her behavior unethical at all. In this day and age, we almost owe it to ourselves to do "background checks" on those we are in relationships with. As uncomfortable as it may sound, there is too much deception going on to ignore any doubts one has.

Kudos to her for leaving him. His reaction is completely unjustified as far as I’m concerned.
written by NPDDetective, 01 February, 2010
Please read the book called Help! I’m In Love With A Narcissist by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol. His attack is a defense mechanism commonly used by people who are extremely narcissistic. Their defense is to attack you and put you on the defensive. It is meant to confuse you and take the focus off of them. Good for you for dumping his sorry ass!!!
written by Mariafelix, 04 November, 2012
I think that it’s true they get mad to feel better or to make the female feel guilty to make what did ok.
written by Mariafelix, 04 November, 2012
The truth will always come out eventually, if it doesn’t feel right something is wrong. When someone acts strange, different, distant.
written by Brit1618, 19 January, 2013
I found emails and lots or Internet porn sites. We were expecting twins and lost them at 18 weeks. I lost my sex drive because of concerns with my complicated pregnancy. I think it’s my fault that these messages were sent to other women. I guess I was selfish but it was only because of the babies. I confronted him and he just got really angry and won’t talk about any of it with me. I’m not sure if I should just leave or not.
written by Hesliar, 25 March, 2013
My ex-bf is a good liar he believe me his single never been married.and i met him online so I finally met him in person so i fall in love with this guy and suddenly something is not right coz of he kept texting in front of me... going to the restroom often... he wont allow me to go to his house. He has too many excuses... and I found out he has too many gfs online. So, I did a research on him... Why? coz he wont tell me the truth so this is what I found out his real age and his married but no kids.
But who knows? He maybe have kids too and have different gfs all over the world in the
Internet. So, I hope your not dating my ex.

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