My girlfriend keeps sexting another man

Last April, I caught my girlfriend sexting another man and chose to forgive her. She volunteered to stop speaking to this individual without my asking. I asked if it had ever been physical, and she told me no. I chose to believe her.

I’ve only looked at her phone twice over the past year. This last time I checked, I noticed that she and this person had been exchanging text messages. He was using sexually aggressive language, but it seemed as if she was not. We have an account on a website in which we post ourselves having sex (the audio) and it was clear from the messages that she had shared this information with him and his texts referenced this audio. I didnhave time to investigate any further. When I looked at the phone later,

noticed the messages had been deleted.

Here is the thing—we are no happier than we ever have been and the way that we show each other love has never been stronger.

I know this seems like a no-brainer. What course of action should I take?


You should talk to your girlfriend directly about how you are feeling. Do not blame her or make accusations, but focus on the emotions you are experiencing (see talk about problems).

You should also spend a lot of time discussing the underlying issue. Why does she feel the need to continue this type of behavior? Does she need attention (see anxious attachment)? Is she feeling lonely? Does she not get enough love from you? Or is she just excited because she likes doing things behind your back?

Until you get to the root cause of the problem, promises to stop such behavior rarely work. In most cases, seeing a therapist can help you identify the real problem quickly.

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