Step-daughters lying is causing problems in my marriage

My daughter, who is 15 years old, has been lying to us. We confronted her about a missing Itouch, but she denied taking it. I told her that I don’t care about the Itouch missing I just want her to tell the truth.

I told her I saw the itouch on top the speaker when I woke up that morning but vanished when I went upstairs to turn off the Itouch.

I was having my breakfast downstairs between 5:00 and 5:30 A.M. when I heard her bedroom door opened (my wife was in bed, but she said she did not notice anything). I did not notify my wife about the missing Itouch right away, because I knew the daughter came in our bedroom and took the Itouch together with the charger.

This is the third time that she was doing this and every time she always gets away with it. I have limited authority because this child is my stepdaughter.

I need your help, because she has caused a great lot of aches, pains and sufferings between me and her mother—almost going to divorce court because of her sociopathic actions.


Even in ideal of situations, family dynamics are complex (see children and lying). Unfortunately, in step-families problems are more likely to arise.

Daughter’s, who are not raised by a biological father, are more likely to have issues with their self-esteem. And these types of issues can play out in a variety of different ways. With that said, it is possible that your daughter might be trying to either get attention and/or sabotage your relationship with your wife.

If you can try and see the situation from her point of view, you might have a better understanding of where she is coming from. In all likelihood, she is hurting, needs attention, and may not understand why she is acting out.

Our best advice is to focus on your relationship with your wife. If your daughter does something to annoy or irritate you, try not to react. Talk to someone about it, but do not let it become an issue between you and your wife.

And if your daughter is doing this to get attention or cause problems in your relationship, by not reacting to her, she should quickly come to the realization that acting out won’t get her what she wants.

In short, it is important for you to have a place where you can discuss your feelings without rewarding your daughter’s behavior and without it causing problems in your marriage.

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