My Wife Cheated and Isn’t Taking my Feelings into Account?

My wife cheated with her boss. It ended over a month ago; she is wrought with guilt mostly due to our children. We are maybe going to try and reconcile.

My problem is on the next therapy meeting she told me she has plans to go to dinner with the mother of the other man, (who is married with children), I feel she should have no contact with any one associated with him or his family or business.

My wife says that it’s only his mother and she really likes her and she forgave her and I should understand.

Am I wrong for expecting her to cut all ties?


No, you’re not wrong at all. Your wife betrayed your trust. She put her own interests ahead of your relationship.

In an ideal world, you and your wife would (with the help of a counselor) establish ground rules together as a couple. Your wife would be sensitive to your feelings, if her priority was to reestablish trust.

You were the one who was betrayed. Your feelings should take priority over your wife’s desire to have lunch with someone whose company she happens to enjoy.

Our best advice is to express your feelings using non-judgmental language (see talk about problems).

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