Suspect my husband is cheating after a few months of marriage

I’m married for about three months now. When I was engaged I discovered my fiancé was cheating on me with escorts. I was devastated. When I confronted him he got very miserable for making me sad, promised to never do that again and did all he could to regain my trust. I couldntrust him again so I almost ended everything, but I counseled with some relatives of mine who know him and they were like "he is actually a good guy and always treated you well. He seems to regret so give him a chance".

I still loved him so much even with all that deception, so I went on with the wedding plans. Our married life has been wonderful. We get along well, we have the same hobbies, the same way of thinking, and we love each other’s company.

But we just married and the sex started to get scarce and he almost never comes when we do. He says that it’s his medication fault (he takes this antidepressant since before we met), or that it’s because he’s stressed from work.

vAnyway I see him getting up in the middle of the night to masturbate to some porn. It brings me all that happened to mind again and I think he doesnfeel aroused by me (I have brown hair, blue eyes, a very toned body and I take care of myself, but the escorts he took back then were all different from me: gigantic breasts and tushes, dark brunettes or very pale blondes).

To worsen it all, I can see he has been deleting all messages from his cellphone and keeping it with him at all costs. All I could see was that he’s been talking to some secretary at the clinic where he is an ob/gyn. He said she is the best secretary in the clinic and invited her for coffee. Then, long chat erased – then, smiley face.

Nothing that I could use to confront him, but enough to make me think he’s cheating on me again. What should I do???!!!


Given the information you provided. You should definitely talk to your husband about how you are feeling. Confronting a spouse is never a good way to solve problems. We recommend that you talk to him about how you are feeling (see talk about problems).

We also high recommend couples counseling. If he does not agree to go to counseling, we recommend that you go on your own. While family and friends can be a great source of comfort, they usually do not have the skills or expertise to solve such problems. It is also possible that your husband is a serial cheater (see likely to cheat). A trained counselor will be able to help you work through this situation making sure that your best interest is being served.

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