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Same situation for me but reversed
written by Dave EB, 21 March, 2007
It almost looked like I was the one that wrote this letter – I just found out my wife has been cheating for 3 years. We have two kids and she cries and says she is sorry – but I know she is just sorry she got caught. I love my kids – I cannot deal with my wife – I am done with her. I wish you the best of luck. – God bless.
written by Stacey Gb, 13 April, 2007
I have a similar situation. I confronted my boyfriend that I knew he was cheating, he even had the disrespect to do it with a very close friend of mine. And when I asked him about it, he puts the blame onto me. He also wants a week on his own before we discuss it. Which is a week to think about his alibi to me! To be cheated on is the worse feeling in the world.
written by Lysha, 17 April, 2007
I guess I am not alone in this. Yes, I agree that being cheated on is the worst feeling in the world. I found out my husband was cheating on me off and on through out our entire 9 year relationship. I really had no idea and didn’t see any signs or warnings. I totally trusted him,
he used to tell me about his ex-girlfriend who had
cheated on him and how much it hurt him, that he could never hurt someone like that. But then he did it to me. After finding out the truth about him & all the horrible things he’d done, I immediately filed for divorce and stopped answering the phone when he called. I’m done
with him & I won’t ever give him a chance to tell me another one of his lies. It was hard..real hard.. but so far, I think that’s it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.
written by guest, 27 April, 2007
Do you and your husband have any hobbies or fun thing you can do "together?" Seems like he is gone alone a lot! I think it helps if you can be more involved as a couple or do fun family things.
written by hull, 12 May, 2007
I too, found out that my husband was cheating before Christmas. Here it is someone that he was "friends" with 18 years ago and he reports that he has known for over 30 years. I am not sure if I should even try to work on anything with him as I have virtually no trust. He denies everything and is not sorry.
written by guest, 05 January, 2008
I am going through the exact same thing with my husband. I am very bitter towards him. It is very hard for me to get over this, he says he won’t talk to his friend anymore but I don’t believe him. Every time I think about the situation I get more upset.
written by Hvn deceived, 16 June, 2008
OMG... I am not alone after all. I caught my husband by getting in his car and turning on his cell phone. He usually deleted all text. I saw her name and number on call log. A pattern had formed daily. (He was verbally abusive and accusing me of things I couldn’t understand.) Well, he went to bed (MAD) and I turned the phone on a she had sent him 2 text after he turned off his phone. They were so revealing. I hurt so bad... even though I knew something was going on. He had said he was leaving but wanted a dissolution. One that was very one sided... I am in college. WELL... Finding all this out gave me the guts to say NO... I am a beautiful women... I don’t deserve this treatment. His big fear is DIVORCE... He will lose MONEY. OH YEA... well there goes my guilt... I want everything I can get. I will not struggle when he has a 6 figure income. No way I also found he was hiding $ and I’m eating p& j, at school, cutting coupons, ran out of gas 2 x on the way to school. He’s bitching because I spent his money. I am so hurt. This is a man who is successful and has a lot of integrity. I responded to her text, and she called back. I confronted him... and threw him out. Got a court order and I feel so alive!!! This is going to be a great qtr... no worries... see an attorney and know your rights. I doesn’t even take 2 days to have money and PEACE. It hurts so bad and I’m lonely... but not for long.
written by 727, 27 June, 2008
I just found out my husband of 17 yrs has been cheating on me since November, with a woman in CA and we live in FL. We’ve been together since high school, and have 3 kids. I trusted him. He told me he was going to CA for business to expand our business and better our family. I was stupid to believe him, and never once to thought for a hotel phone number and/or copy of the airline tickets. With cell phones, why would I need a land line. Little did I know, he was going to visit another woman, and her daughter. He did this about 3-4 times that I’m aware of. He told me she came to FL to visit him as well at least once. I found emails he wrote to her, devoting his love to her. I felt sick to my stomach as I read them. The sad thing is, that I’m still in love with him. Am I stupid, for thinking I might be able to save my marriage????
written by Gorgois, 02 October, 2008
My husband had an affair for 2 years with a woman 11years his junior,our children were 3yrs and 7yrs old when I found out. I confronted him after finding a load of letters and photographs of the two of them together. He broke down and said that he wanted to stay with me and the kids. I was devastated at the time but I gradually I got over it and we became close again as a couple and a family. However, at the beginning of this year he came in drunk after having a night out with ‘the lads’ he went straight to bed and when I went up to bed I saw that he’d fallen asleep with his phone tucked under him. I looked at his phone and there were 3 text messages from someone telling him how much they loved him and what time they wanted to meet him at a pub. I confronted him the following morning and he just said that there wasn’t anything going on and it was just flirty texts. I don’t trust him anymore and now I find myself falling in love with a man who has also been hurt in this way and wants to be with me. I would like to be with this man as I know he would be faithful to me, he wants to take me out (which my husband rarely does) and generally wants to look after me and be involved with my kids. I have known my husband for 22yrs and through everything we have always managed to be friends but I don’t know how to move forward with any of this, anyone have any advice?
written by mila, 09 November, 2008
Hi everyone, I have been married for 19 years, have 2 kids. I was 20 years old, very naive and in love.I was pregnant when I married my husband. He is black and I am white. My husband started cheating on me 1 month after we got married. I discovered all his affairs a year later, however I felt trapped that my son is bi-racial and he need his father. After 9 years of marriage, feeling lonely and depressed, because my husband did not show any affection, I told him that I want the divorce. He was outraged, he threatened to kill me. I moved out from the house we bought right before the breakup and rented an apartment. I started dating a man I worked with. My husband yelled, then cried asking me to come back. I said no. He started dating other women, actually 4 women. 3 month later my boyfriend and I broke. My husband was begging for me to come back( I did not know he had dated 4 other women). I felt lonely and moved back with my husband. We argued a lot, then things got much better, especially after my 2 nd son was born 6 years ago. 6 month ago I found an e-mail he send to the same women he dated 10 years ago.The e-mail read" I am thinking about you".He was very mad that I looked at his e-mails, and he told me she asked him to sell her house ( he is a broker). I was very suspicious and checked all his cell phone bills, found out they have been calling each other on and off for more then 2 years, she.. lives in a different state.Also he has been calling 2 other women almost every day,late at night, especially when he was going on a business trips every month. I confronted him and told him that I want divorce. He cried, begged me to give me last chance,said he was completely wrong and that he will never do it again, he started going to counceling for anger management. For the last 6 month he treats me very very nice, but I cannot help myself but thinking that he just do not want to loose the money ( we have a lot of investment properties). I feel very resentful towards him and miserable. I don’t trust him,it is crazy but I still have feelings for him, I am very confused.I feel that 19 years of my life was wasted, I question myself what if he really now changed, and if I divorce him he will move on and have happy relationship with someone else.
written by KaiyaJane, 02 December, 2008
Why on earth, in this day of sexually transmitted diseases, would anyone stay with a cheater?
written by jlove, 20 December, 2008
Men should understand that when they cheat it hurts everyone involved,especially if children are involved. Children look up to their fathers especially boys. When a parent cheats it greatly affects child. Both men and woman need to make sure they can stay committed to their spouse and stay away from affairs. if you don’t think you could ever stay faithful in a relationship you need not get involved in a serious one,especially when a child is involved. Don’t just think about yourself and how you are getting your pleasure, think about those little ones that are involved also. You are hurting them more than you are hurting anyone because they don’t understand. They don’t need to hear,"well if mommy (or daddy)wouldn’t have cheated we wouldn’t be having problems." Children are the most precious thing in this world. Don’t ruin their lives just so you can get your satisfaction somewhere else.
written by sharshi, 03 June, 2009
I just found out before Christmas my husband of 22 years has been cheating with a women 10 years older than me for the past year. I found a pre-pay cell phone on the floor at a Christmas party and opened it to see who it belonged to and it was my husbands. I confronted him and did not deny it. But, he will not talk to me about the affair. At this time we are still together and working on the problems in our marriage, but I am having a hard time trusting him and I am not sure if he has cut all ties to this woman. Cheating husbands not only damage the trust in their marriage, but also the lives of the children. Our children are grown and they are having a hard time with this problem and I feel I do not know what to do to help them.
written by Rea, 08 September, 2009
My question is, is their really any men who does not cheat?
written by please, 15 September, 2009
I don’t really understand why people cheat. It’s not necessary. LEAVE!! You really don’t know the person you cheat w/ where they show you only the good parts. You don’t know what they do after they get off the phone w/ you. Texting or calling someone else. Stds are real. They kill. This is a crazy world we live in w/ so much deceit. why does someone feel they need control of their love one but want someone one the side. It’s a control issue they love to play with your heart.
written by cheaterswife, 17 March, 2010
i to am in the same boat my husband of 14 years haS been cheating on me for 6 months or more. he refuses to tell me anything about it i got suspicious a few months ago and confronted him he denied it i also told him then that if i ever found out he was cheating on me i would leave him thats one thing i will not stand for. so he denied everything and life went on but i noticed more and more he was hiding his cell phone when ever he was around me, and he would often go on FISHING TRIPS or camping with out me. so one night i decided to take his cell and read the messages ( he came home one night drunk and forgot to hide his cell ) well let me tell you i wish i never read those messages. yes i know the truth now and confronted him but ive never been so miserable in my life, he refuses to tell me any details about it if there is any chance we might be able to work this out.did i mention 12 yrs ago he had a one night stand that resulted in a child ? i said we might be able to work it out with counseling. so he agreed to that we go to our first session next week, but frankly i dont think im going to be able to do it.its st pattys day so hes out celebrating and hes supposed to be out telling her its over meanwhile i sit at home and he refuses to answer my texts or calls im ready to pack his stuff and change the locks.also did i mention he lost his job last year and they are paying for him to go to school so im supporting us and our 6 kids ?
written by Lowe34Cecile, 14 November, 2011
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written by nika, 06 July, 2012
Wow! Wow! Wow! I didn’t know so much people was going through this things as I am. My situation is the exact things as yours and more. I really love my husband but I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to let go.
written by Tired and feed up with the lies, 27 January, 2013
Married for 23 years ,three kids , one husband has cheated a lot over the years , know about some and still wondering about the rest...he lies ,cheats , good at hiding stuff..last Friday got message on FB and it was a so called cousin telling me that her and her sister slept with my husband so that hit the bullet in the heart fixing to file the divorce and move the hell out , he has me where I can’t ever trust a MAN again...I was fifth teen when I got married so its my time to start living my life and it will be without a man
written by don’t know wat to do?, 27 February, 2013
I really don’t know what to do! i’ve bin married for 16yrs, i know that my husband is cheating and every time i confront him with my suspicions he always has a story out of it.

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