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written by wendyskarma, 02 February, 2007
I think trust is overrated now that I’ve been cheated on. Trust depends on what area, it’s a trial and error thing. If trust is broken in an area than I think you now know that is a weak spot and needs a bit more vigilance and less trust? Does that make sense. If she’s staying with you I think you should be preoccupied with are you trustworthy rather than whether she trusts you!
written by Ayan, 04 February, 2007
I am a female that has cheated on my boyfriend twice. The last time happened in June 2006. I did not tell him everything until today. I realize that my lying did not make anything better. I want some type of normalcy in our relationship. I know if the situation was opposite, I would not have been so forgiving. He does not believe a word I say, even to the point of the items needed to make dinner or a snack. Before I went to the grocery store he wanted to see what we actually needed. I told him what we needed but he wanted to see it for himself. I realize that lying destroys relationships. It makes people not trust you. You have to be watched at every moment. I will admit that I have lied at every stage of life. I found it easier to lie during childhood. I knew punishment existed. I knew the severity of it. I just did not want to experience it. I know that my relationship is worth saving. Yes, I have withdrawn and I do not want to communicate. I am not sure what to say. I know this has to STOP. I am ready to do it. I also have communication issues. I know I can write about it better than speaking to my boyfriend. Right now I do not have anything to say.
My boyfriend from seven years lied and cheated on
written by Soni, 11 February, 2007
My boyfriend lied to me and I just found out that he cheated on me several times. I called it quits. He tells me that I am so hurt and that we must stay away from each other for now. He still wants to be with me. I honestly don’t feel like going back with him. I never thought he would do such a horrible thing to me since he said he loved me and wanted to marry me.
cheating bf
written by Still suffering with trust, 02 March, 2007
Went home to see his mother so he said.. come to find out he went home to see if he could patch things up with the ex and see what grew from there as well as keep me on the line and get money and what ever he wanted he’s only 23 and I’m 33 we are 10yrs apart and he is young.. at the same time he was working it out with the ex he also went to the bar and hooked up with a person that night when he came home from his vacation we had the best (well you know) we have ever had.. when we where done he looked at me and told me what had happened.. we did the normal thing and he said he was sorry and would never do it again.. ya right 3 months latter he did it again on line.. again said he was sorry.. well its has been almost three yrs and so far he has cheated on me 4 times, and I still keep taking him back... I’m in love or something.. we are not as close as we where but there is some love there.. some.. you just have to know what is enough for you and what is right for you what you want nothing is perfect and never will be its what we do with what we get that makes it worth while.. do I trust him hell no but do I love him and want to stay with him hell yes.. its a flip of the coin.. its what you want or what you get.. hope you have the choice...
written by the fool, 18 March, 2009
It is so hard to trust him again when all he does is lie to me. How do I know that he is not lying about the affair, he told me that he only did it to help a friend of his get back at his ex wife. I spoke to the woman as well and she told me there was no sex, just sexual e mails and text. Is this an affair, I see it as so, but he does not. Do I believe him if it has been going on for almost one year and I knew nothing about it. He also told this woman that he and I were separated and that I had moved on with my life and had a new man. Not true, how do you trust someone like this?
written by archangel11049, 13 June, 2010
Well, my gf has just cheated on me recently, confessed to me and ask for my forgiveness.
What should i do? I ask my self several times, but to no avail. I am a believer in giving people a second chance, but am not sure whether the person will keep her word. My verdict, i dont know. I think it depends on what you personally want and not what others want.
written by sarah26, 16 October, 2011
My advice to you: Never take back a cheater, been there done that and I regret it. Once you give them a chance they take you for granted and think that they can get over it again! Have some respect for yourself...If women never took back a cheater, cheating would not exist...
written by monstah, 19 March, 2013
I’ve never once cheated on a gf until last year, I told her like a week after and tried talking 2 her several times... I have been giving her space lately, so we haven’t spoken in a month... Plus she doesn’t live in that same town as me, so that makes it that much harder 2 deal with... Idk what else 2 do at this point.

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