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leave now
written by russ, 08 November, 2006
Trust me coming from a man who knows all to well. There??s someone out there for you that wont do this to you. Wasting your time trying to make her what you want her to be will never work. So trust me when I say ??move on.?
written by Norman, 13 November, 2006
Yup... yessiree, run like the wind. Why did she marry you? Well donâ??t try to figure that one out, or you`ll go crazy. These people breathe a different air than you and I. Trust, honesty and commitment are just not components of their mix. Leave them to it; let them get on with it. Itâ??s your life so donâ??t be a spectator on the sidelines letting others set the pace for you... just go. The best revenge is to have a good life, be happy and successful. She is a worthless liar and a cheat, as is he.
bail out now
written by manuel nazzal, 24 December, 2006
Dude... if you don’t have kids with this woman, get yourself a good lawyer and start the divorce right away... chances are it would be in your favor because of her behavior. Just bail out as soon as you can.
written by STANY, 31 December, 2006
Get out quickly. She wont change. She is just using you for some security, such as $$, a roof, and so on. Move on before you get hurt anymore

written by n.scott, 05 January, 2007
Finish it! Once a cheater always a cheater!!!
If you can’t give up yet-
written by adeeperblue, 15 January, 2007
There is one other possible thing to try, stop chasing. If she wants the best of both worlds, stop giving it to her. Cut her off from your emotion, don’t call her when she’s gone, evade answers. If she gets jealous, so what. If she continues, she was never yours, if she turns from being chased to chasing then you regain control and some dignity. I am in the same situation, and although everyone’s situation is different- no matter the outcome, you have to take care of you, and you can only change you. Good luck and best wishes.
Live your life!!
written by Hate Cheating, 22 January, 2007
Hey man, I have to agree, run like the wind, but then again, the concept of turning this all around on her sounds like a good idea. Give her a taste of her own medicine, not that two wrongs make a right. Basically, if I would have known this about my ex-wife when she was doing it behind my back, I would have been so inconveniently not around, or just not being there when she would expect me to be. Go to a bar or a club on a Friday night or Saturday night and go meet some girls, have fun. Start living your life and get ready to leave her!! If she can do that behind your back, then she really doesn’t love you like she says, she is trying to have her cake and eat it too, no no no. Don’t let her do this to you man, trust me, kick her to the curb, and go out and like I said. Start meeting other women that will be about you and not about extra activities. Hope this helps!! Take care!!
get gone
written by bb, 03 March, 2007
She’s playing with your heart. Go before she gets half and convinces you it is you fault.
written by Dont be a sucker, 04 June, 2007
I think Capt. Obvious has the answer to this one... LEAVE before she leaves you and gets half of everything!
written by Learned the hard way, 17 January, 2008
The same thing happened to me when I was married for only a couple years. She went on a business trip with her "boss" for a week. I was so gullible. She would claim to go out with her friends. I loved her, and believed it would work out. We had two kids (now three)and she did love me but we were made of different materials. Please listen to me. SHE WILL NOT CHANGE. I,m 53 now, she is till the same after all this time. My advise is to leave, but do it easy. Get more proof. You will need it to keep her calm when you make your move. Your reputation is at stake as one who exaggerates. You have not seen a side of her that will be vicious. Be prepared. Be wise. Get more proof. Then just leave before you have children. These type of women can be very vengeful. You must have an over abundance of proof before you even inform her of what you know. Then be ready. You will see her like you never have!
written by been there, 28 April, 2008
Trust me. Once a cheater, always a cheater. You don’t need it. Leave her as soon as it’s best for you.
written by Jenelle, 11 July, 2008
Get a divorce.
written by devil’s advocate, 11 August, 2008
Not saying she’s not at fault but take a minute and look at your own behavior. She’s been seeing this guy for eight years and you didn’t think something was up? Are you so busy and insensitive to her feelings you couldn’t tell? Just saying it takes two to tango.
written by Emil, 02 December, 2008
Very sorry to read all this I’m 24 been married for 15 months with a 1 year old awesome daughter but after the maternity leave my wife started working again and the first thing she did was to write a sex explicit letter to a50 yo co-worker tried to work it out with her parents and all but now 2 months later I realize that I will never trust her and so I decided to leave her in march next year I found the letter on the deleted folder on my hotmail oh and my mother in law told me today that she never cheated on me but she did cheat on her ex’s so a cheater never changes I feel so happy now in a way that I took this decision even tho I feel bad for my little girl -save your self I don’t want to spend my life asking my self questions
written by Dragon Johannesberg, 06 July, 2009
I was supposedly engaged to a ( lady ) who supposedly had high morals and ethics, once before when we were dating she started to become very withdrawn spiritually, emotionally and physically but denied any wrongdoing, fool that I was I accepted this and hung around waiting for her to supposedly come ou of the space she was in, she was shagging someone while I took her to a clinic to have a leg burn attended to and not once could she come out and tell me the truth. I manipulated the situation and we ended up together again. Now we ended up in exactly the same situation 8 months down the line and the one guy she’s been chatting up had the decency to forward me some mails she had written him and some of his replies, I managed to get access to her mails on all her mail sites and found some startling and damning facts. All the while she kept me hanging on a thread of hope and again like the fool I am I tried to wait for her to tell me the truth. Fool fool fool You can find them all if you mail me
written by Tigerboy, 09 July, 2009
HI, i faced the same situation Our story is same buddy,
WHat i did in my case is I simply Divorced her, and she doesnt even care about it, but divorce her in style just throw her away if she doesnt love u then no need for her, Marry someone who loves u and not whom u love.
written by hi, 09 August, 2009
i totally understand your story & the comments from everyone but, i think that if you chose to marry this women their had to be some kind of love for each other from the beginning so, i really don’t think running is the best answer. i would suggest therapy for the sake of any love if there is.

good luck
written by ninja_08046, 18 August, 2009
LISTEN i know it’s hard for you but you must man -up and leave she does not love you to do things like that and for you to wish or maybe even pray that things change will just drive you crazy take it from me even if things do get better your mind will never trust her meaning that you will always carry that scar over your heart so cut your loss and man-up.
written by Dude Who Hates Cheats, 19 November, 2009
Look dude i agree with the twisting it around but should just leave her but before that make sure she even regrets marrying you because 1 thing is for sure she must want a guy who like to see her cheat
written by 42 yr.old female happily married, 02 February, 2010
you ask why in the world did she marry me? I ask... why in the world did you marry her? if you thought she was cheating before you got married and you know she cheated after you were married i think the best question is why the hell are you still married???? she will never change because she does not want to change! no amount of therapy will help in this case. make a dozen copies of all her im chat, send a copy to her parents, leave a copy on the bed, pack your things and leave before she comes home from work. you only have one life to find happiness, but you have more than one chance to find it. move on soon. you deserve better!
written by Cheating Whores, 03 February, 2010
It happened to me TWICE. What a fool am I? I left my first and very faithful wife for what I thought was the girl of my dreams. She turned out to be a cheating whore. I agree with all of you, they don’t change. You have to make a clean break.

Got married to a girl I’ve known for a long time...after two years of marriage I started to suspect her cheating. After 5 years of marriage I couldnt take the wondering anymore so I left her. Once I did I reflected on every suspicious thing she did and every unanswered question and inconsistency. She had been screwing MULTIPLE partners less than a year after we were married. Before I left her, I asked her to take a polygraph...she said no. (the other whore had the same answer) To those who have women that wont’t admit it, I have this to say: If it walks like a dog, barks like a dog, has hair like a dog, chances are its a dog...I’ll never make that mistake again.
written by euro, 13 May, 2010
Sell all your stuff right beneath her and run to Mexico. Become a gringo
written by Don The answer man, 03 June, 2010
Trust me on this one.....get the heck outta there...But FIRST get the upper hand. Do not let her know that you are on to her. Place a voice activated digital recorder in her car and in the house when you leave. You will hear conversations that you must be prepared for, but do it. Do the same with a video. Especially if you have children. Then one day at dinner, when you are all alone, and you have given her all the love you can, just begin to tell her all about her lover (or lovers), his family, friends, moments she has had with him (or them), and then tell her you have packed and are leaving and it may not be well for her lover and his family now. She will absolutely just about faint, and you will walk out with your head held high.
written by Lunaaa, 18 June, 2010
She is nothing but a lying, cheating, manipulative @#$%^. YOU can do better than her. LEAVE HER! I’m serious, get out now. You don’t want to look back and think "wow I wasted all that time on her" she is a complete slut. I am female and I know I could never do this to another human being, it’s selfish and rude. She clearly has no self respect/ self worth. I’m not saying someone is a bad person because they fell out of love. Sometimes that happens, but there is a right way of going about things. If she stopped having feelings for you she should end it herself before sleeping around. She has demonstrated she does not give a damn, leave her. Please, it will be the best decision you will make I promise. Good luck, and please.. Don’t be a fool.
written by Dannyl, 20 June, 2010
I have the same problem with my wife of 6 years. She goes on frequent business trips with her boss who is divorced. Problem is, I have no prove that there is something going on. She loves her job and the income is good, and it just doesn’t seem right for me to ask her to give it all up just because of my suspicions. Then again, the thought that he is with her days at a time makes me feel insecure.
written by Kick her out immediately.written by i hate cheating, 16 jully,2010, 16 July, 2010
Hey dude, sorry to hear this... trust me just kick her out of your life right now. Such type of persons breath in a different air than you and me. I hate such persons... everyone should be loyal to his or her partner and then marry. There is no point to break your spouse’s heart by doing such activities. Trust me dear, she does not deserve you at all. She is totally a slut. I am a married woman and I know that I can never do this to my hubby. She has no self respect. If she loves that person then why did she ruin your life by marrying you. Ask her about this. Listen the answer what she says, but also remember a cheater will always remain and cheater. And the best you can do is simply move on. Throw her out from your life and you will fell good. Just imagine how will you spend your whole life with a person you know is cheating on you. Maybe if you still continue with her, what do you know that she will give birth to your baby!!! Can you live happily ever then? No, better is to leave her rite now and live your life happily. Marry someone who loves you, and not whom you love.

Good luck.
written by Her Man, 20 August, 2010
It’s been a few years since the post was made. So, for the others in a similar situation, ask yourself, do you want her out of your life, can you do better, if so, do it. To those others, I have been cheated on, have cheated and have slept with married wives. I can tell you one thing; the majority of the wives have no desire to leave their husbands. They are very much in love with the men they married. I, and other men like me, offer a sense of satisfaction that the wives are not getting at home. It isn’t about hurting you, most of the time. Personally, I don’t like to go with those type of women. The wives come to me because I offer experience, adventure, romance, more, it all depends. Bottom line, I live my life and enjoy it, they are attracted to that and want to be a part of it. They spend the night with me, go home to you in a good mood. Don’t be angry at them, they love you and now they’re less bitchy. Find that passion and find a way to light it yourself. Once you do, their desire to stray will diminish.
written by..., 12 September, 2010
Oh boy... my gosh that’s tough. I admire you for loving her... but for her to be able to continue an 8 year affair... sheesh. She’s in love with that guy and I’m sorry to say marrying you might just be a consolation. Feel free to leave her. She’s the one with issues.
written by lek, 25 January, 2011
doesn’t matter what reasons a person comes up with for cheating, there isn’t ONE that justifies it. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be with someone anymore, but you break up with that person before you go and sleep around. Never EVER take back a cheater, you’ll just get bent over and rammed again, and again because they never learnt their lesson.
written by Vikash, india, 07 April, 2011
Hey friend, there is nothing left for crying. Stop at once, leave her. I was a very happy boy with a girl but see been the same. The only thing i ask is that, was those feelings, my true emotions meaningless. Never got a answer of this, accept this and get going.
written by wtf, 01 May, 2011
Set up a meeting between the 2,have 2 printed documents of the messages that they sent to each other.

Show up while they’re reading.......

I’d sent one to his wife too, without a fvcking doubt, she deserves to know. 1 life to live.....make it stop.
written by Megan235, 04 July, 2011
You should have given her the attention she needed. Instead she had to find it somewhere else.
written by JamieS, 10 August, 2011
Bizarre that she couldn’t manage to call or email you in her spare time so you wouldn’t worry. I mean, unless she didn’t have any business at all and just spent all of her time in bed with this guy, why wouldn’t she have the decency to call, say she loves you, etc? You might’ve never know she was hooking up with this guy.

More importantly, because it would’ve been so easy and also meant so much to you, that she didn’t do that suggests that she has no regard for your feelings. Get rid of her.
written by doo, 28 September, 2011
Once a cheater always a cheater. Someone I knew got married and three months her husband cheated on her. She moved out twice and went back like a dam fool. She’ll learn I just shake my head in amazement. And wonder what the hell????
written by MarkE, 11 December, 2011
I just caught my wife after a few months of marriage in an affair that’s been going on for longer than we’ve been married, I gave her a chance to tell me it was a mistake and beg forgiveness (which she would have got) but she didn’t. I’m sad and upset but frankly wouldn’t want her back now. Women that can do this are evil and extremely pathetic. I’d suggest you do what I’ve done and tell her you’ve had a lucky escape, things could have been worse and if you keep it up, they will be. Some women are just filth
written by steph007, 14 March, 2012
When reading your story I was wondering that why does a recently married man spying on his wife. Well, it can happen easily that a freshly married wife (or even husband) is continuing some verbal or corresponding partnership, even in a sexy way. This is usually a fun, and not more. But you, as a freshly married husband, should make her and yourself 100% satisfied and *tired* of sex – in the common bed, so it should not be a matter for you if she flirts or not with an old male friend. In your writing I do not see any real sign of that she would cheat on you in fact. But maybe she was happy a bit being far from your suspicious and nagging style -t. that can get on her nerves. I would be curious how long will she be able to live together with this nature of you.
written by Bootou, 23 March, 2012
The last writer needs to get some English lessons I think.... oh, and stop talking a load of crap. Idiot!
written by AKC, 28 March, 2012
Tell u what, first send the copies of the email to the other guys wife.Play it normal and then let it leak to her job place.Ideally the other guy gets booted out from his house and probably loose face in his office.
The relation between your wife and her lover would not be same me.She knows he is a wanker and he knows she is a slut.And both would know u are not a fool.
And then u confront her...if she ask herself...or she might just decide to leave and things would be easier for you.Either way u leave her..u deserve better!
written by cici, 03 May, 2012
Sooo... did the guy leave her or not? I want to know what happened.
written by cici, 03 May, 2012
Steph007 You are sticking up for her cheating wife because MISERY LOVES COMPANY. Get some common sense will ya??
written by Truth2, 10 May, 2012
Just ask yourself this question. Do you want to be with a woman that doesn’t respect or love you? You are in denial if you can’t see this is true. Take a step back look at the big picture and have some respect for yourself.
written by Hurt too, 06 June, 2012
Bro you dont stay, I mean dont stay. Once a cheater always a cheater. She is going to cause you more pain, because they cant stop, she seems to be lost and out off control, and she is going to drag you down there. GO BRO GO Trust me, her type dont change.

written by jenifer, 22 June, 2012
Ive been married now for almost 3months.. And my husband just found out about the whole story. Let me tell you something from the cheating wifes’ side- i got the attention and appreciation that i so desperately wanted. The guy i cheated with looked after himself and cared about how he looked. Where my husband ceased to care about his weight and appearance. I am attractive and we have 2 children and i look after myself real good. I just wanted him to do the same but he didnt. I only cheated 3 times, and i will not do it again. I ended it a while before my husband found out. And i wanted him to find out, i didnt want to live with this secret, i wanted him to change back to what he was when we started dating. Love u honey.
written by Chico Rojo, 30 June, 2012
You deserve better; You don’t need her. I’ve been there.
We have basically been though the same crap.
cut her loose okay; Disappear. Don’t say a word. Start over; as tough as it may be is. Sure, it IS hard if you have feelings, but eventually that’ll pass – and theres someone else out there for you. Have fun and live you life; Carpe Diem
written by banks, 13 July, 2012
since i love her n we have a son together, i will let her be around as i also see some 1 else n eventually she will notice that we leave in different worlds... from here she will decide if she is staying or not... but i just cant tell her to leave even if she hurt me...not forgetting that am not gonna marry her... big mistake man
written by notwhipped, 03 August, 2012
I am amazed at the weakness shown by guys whose wives cheated on them if it was me i would set out to gather all the evidence,secretly set up a camera get her drunk and ask her all about what she did and when,and then kick her ass on the street with only the clothes on her back, shit she would be lucky i did not shave her head, i would the show her parents the video and what a lying slut their daughter is.
written by Rational, 11 November, 2012
By now you hopefully have had enough sense to divorce her. If not, then do so! Stop being stupid! she is playing you for a fool!
written by Gixxer, 31 January, 2013
Hey Man, i`m sorry that this happend to you!
I live in Kosovo, Europe.
Im 25 yrs old and this happend to me also, year ago.
What can i say? I know you have experienced tha worst moments and i just can say to you one thing.
Just think about something else and let her go..time will heal all the pain. BELIEVE me...i was going to kill my self. Whenever someone mentioned her name...i was close to get a heart attack but now, now i dont evene care. She calls me all the time and wants me to go out with her but i dont. I used to sleep with here but i was with someone else and she was ok with that.

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