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written by Pinkch, 15 February, 2013
What a sad read this is. Sweetheart you cannot let this man abuse you any more. He has betrayed you and is clearly not going to stop. I have been married to over 30 years to a liar, cheat and manipulative personality who has been little more than a parasite ( i mean feeding off of my savings, my income and has left me with nothing as I reach pensionable age.) Dump this horrible individual as he is only going to make your life miserable and will continue to make you feel dreadful. After a while that alone will tell on your health as it has done mine and then he will use that as an excuse as to why he has had affairs. He is using you sweetheart and is playing on your forgiving and sweet nature. He will not improve – be strong and try not to live the way I have by hoping it will get better. He does not respect you, he is secretive and manipulative and he is affecting your self esteem. YOU are worth a lot more and deserve a better life. Your child is not getting a role model to be proud of in your partner. He is selfish and doesn’t care about you and how he affects you. I don’t know you but you sound so unhappy already – can really keep this up? Do you want to spend the rest of your life finding out he is betraying you and you little family? Move on sweetie and leave this horrible destructive relationship behind you. XXX

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