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written by Jason R., 27 September, 2011
"I discovered new texts to her friends talking and joking about the affair still going on."
"she had oral sex with him and sent a love email to him on our wedding anniversary."

These two things tell you all you need to know. Dump her; she’s a whore who thinks lying to you is funny. And her friends knew about it and presumably thought it was funny too. They are part of the problem too. You can’t trust any of them. Life is too short for that much drama.
written by Ethan, 13 October, 2011
I ABSOLUTELY know how it feels. My wife confessed to an affair with a guy she dated in HIGH SCHOOL!! She said it was because there wasn’t enough "touching" and "loving" going on..12 years of me being a stand up guy with more love than brains I guess.

She seems to think I’ll get over it, and has decided to head off for the weekend with this f***ing douchebag...I would love for him to come within 100 feet of my backyard.
written by navyguy93, 22 December, 2011
Dump her sorry ass!! She has lost all respect for you and will only get it back if you run her off!! Hard to believe that, but it is the truth!! Live your life well, that is the best revenge. You don’t need her and she needs to see that you will be fine without her. After you get away from her for a while, then she will see what see screwed up and will try and come back. If you let her, do it on your terms. Make her go to counseling, make her change jobs, make her earn your trust back and then listen to your gut and see if you can trust her. If you can, ya’ll have a chance. If you can’t, you’ve already done a lot of the hard stuff to get over her!!
written by Joe michigan, 04 January, 2012
My wife is pulling off the same shit, it’s almost identical. I’m so glad you physically confronted that pos. I hope you beat his greasy ass to a pulp. I hate to say it but our wives are evil selfish two timing dirty whores and we can and will do better. Once she moves in with the pos and the excitement of cheating wears off they’ll realize what a huge mistake they made. I mean if these guys cheat on their wives what’s to keep them from cheating on our ex whores. I recommend you get your finances in order and dump that greasy whore as soon as possible.
written by mystery., 01 April, 2012
Almost same thing.... really crushed me. Having a hard time giving her the oppurtunity to correct this.
written by Comment, 10 April, 2012
How can man stand a cheating wife. Plain unlucky!
written by Dber, 07 July, 2012
I’ve been there and done that more than once....
I’m slightly past retirement age and my advice to any poor sucker that hasn’t provoked their spouse / or girlfriend into a revenge type situation of cheating or betraying your trust is to seek another matter how much it hurts...
I was very serious with at least three partners during my time here on this planet...
Have children with all of them and all eventually shattered my trust for them and believe me I’ve never really recovered from any of those three relationships...
Right from my first wife to my present wife I loved them very much but due to their deceitfulness I could never ever trust any of them...
Unfortunately this has taught me that women by nature
written by awake in miami, 16 August, 2012
My wife is a great mother but do to her unfaithfulness I’m slowly but surely falling out of love. She never accepted her wrong doing. Her moto "he might think but he’ll never know." Good moto but I have learned that in the end the hurting is nothing more than pride.... I’ve built a wall around my heart and it feels safe. I touch no one and no one touches me... great song... I don’t believe in love so therefore ill never be disappointed again.....
written by norman marg, 24 September, 2012
My wife has cheated just to get something from my so called friend.Its not the first time all the others except one were friends to she just wont admit it which would help me forgive her if it wasn’t for my kids i would have left long ago i don’t think she wants a divorce but she says she has never done anything that’s what hurts should i get a divorce
written by Chris snr, 13 October, 2012
Haven’t confronted my wife yet. Working out how to do it. I have plenty of evidence and I am now certain that she has done/is doing this. Her attempts to cover it up are the worst part, I can’t take the dishonesty it is ripping me apart inside. We have a little girl and if we split up it will ruin her life. If my wife would be honest with me it would be possible to work it out but with the dishonesty there is no way possible. If she is not 100% honest with me I will divorce her!
written by LADur, 21 November, 2012
Going through the same thing except my wife’s "lover" is in her home country – her "childhood crush" and according to her it is every woman’s fantasy. Well, she told me 4 months into her emotional affair that I’ve done everything wrong (not affectionate enough, etc) and it’s my fault. Guess what guys, it is not our fault. This is the most common excuse a woman uses to justify what she knows is wrong. She’s still at our house that I’m paying for, skyping with the a-hole right now. I wish I could take a picture of her face at the moment she finally realizes everything she lost – our kids will eventually know what a whore this woman truly is, so that will be enough revenge for me.

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