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written by hppygirl71, 04 August, 2011
Yes, this was helpful. Any person I have discussed this issue with has also told me not to contact her because it gives her the satisfaction of knowing that she is still affecting me. However, when I asked my husband about whether or not he would have told me if I had FOUND out accidentally, he simply replied that he would have never told me or maybe he would have but waited until I was 80 and wouldn’t have left him. This phrase alone makes me feel as though there is possibly more to know and that I am being very naive to his behaviors. I wish I could stop second guessing myself. I do plan on going the counseling route and working on my own issues before deciding whether or not to make any decisions.
written by Bitter, 19 August, 2011
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Same thing happened to me. One of my best friends, found out by reading their Skype chats 5 months ago. Ultimate betrayal. I’ve since found more proof with other women. 14 years together. I decided to leave the dirt bag and she can kiss it too. We deserve better. Hang in there.
written by Cari P, 23 November, 2011
Hi there,
I just found out a month ago that my husband had an affair with my best friend 6yrs ago. It lasted a year and a half. We have been together for 18 years and married for 11 1/2. She ended up getting divorced from her husband 6 years ago. And pretty much cut all ties with us. I never understood why and maybe this is the reason. I don’t know. I did the whole letter thing and really let her know how I feel. Part of me wants a response from her and the other part doesn’t. I just don’t know. I have my good days and my bad. I just keep thinking that I’m weak for not doing anything about really about. Forgive & forget? Can you really?
written by Happy at last, 17 August, 2012
Same thing happened to me – my husband had an affair with the woman in a couple we were very friendly with. They were always flirting, giggling, sharing private jokes, used to spend time together shopping, playing tennis etc. Of course they both denied anything saying they were "just friends" and making out that I was crazy and imagining things.
To cut a long story short, I finally freaked out when I saw her playing footsie with him under the table at a restaurant. By then he had started to become alarmed as she made it so obvious that she was hot for him. My husband clearly also worried that her husband – at the time his best friend – would find out. So we ended up cutting all contact with the couple.
I never knew if they had an affair until TEN YEARS later, when he finally admitted that the affair had lasted 8 months, with them meeting in hotel rooms and probably at both their houses, when they were able to.
Fact is ladies, if you suspect... you’re probably right! Would NEVER do such a sneaky, cheap, underhand thing to a friend – may karma come back and haunt all you backstabbing "friends" who could cheat with the husband of a friend.
And finally – don’t leave him if you do still love him. The best revenge is being happy and moving along in your marriage. Don’t give her the satisfaction of breaking you up. And the truth is, my marriage is better now than ever – I moved on and got over it, even though it changed me and I find it difficult to trust other women.

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