My wife had an affair and she still talks to him

My wife finally admitted to her two year affair. She said she was sorry, I forgave her but I can’t forget it.

You see, she still talks to him on her cell phone 3-5 times a day for at least the past seven months.

Please tell me this is wrong. She sees nothing wrong with her talking to a "friend." Please. I’m at my wits end and have even had thoughts of suicide. My wife laughed when I told her that I had all the symptoms of depression. Please help.


Your wife betrayed your trust by having an affair. And now she continues to talk to him several times a day. It’s completely unfair of your wife to put you in such a situation. Essentially, she is placing her relationship with the other guy ahead of your feelings about the matter.

As you know, it is impossible to feel good about yourself when someone close to you consistently discounts your feelings and betrays your trust (see healthy relationships).

Our best advice is to talk to a counselor about this situation—the lack of respect your wife is demonstrating toward you is troubling and it will be difficult to resolve this problem without professional help (see emotional support).

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