Past Comments – I lied to my boyfriend because of his jealousy

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written by OZ, 08 February, 2013
I have almost the same thing in reverse with my soon to be ex-fiance excepted she was adding fuel to the fire with alcohol abuse. I picked her over another woman and committed to her but when she gets drunk, she accuses me of everything under the sun. NONE of which is true. I could tolerate that to some extent because she was really nice when she wasn’t drinking, but lately she has been hitting and slapping me hard enough to leave bruises. I was raised to respect women so I never protect myself other than to block my face but I don’t trust her not to try something worse when I am asleep. Trust your instinct that his jealousy is irrational and incurable (in my opinion) and get out before he hurts you. It will most likely get worse over time...
written by the man, 13 March, 2013
You should have been honest, maybe you never been in a serious relationship to understand what trust is. I don’t blame your boyfriend. You need to get your priorities straight before you decide to move on.

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