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Cell Phone
written by The other, 28 December, 2006
I am not one to usually post, but I felt the need to do so as hind sight is 20/20. I also was in the very same situation. Here is the truth of the matter- I provided the phone to my lover- a married man. It was the only way he could keep contact, arrange dates and trips without his personal phone log being reviewed by his wife. My bet is 99.9% that he is having an active affair.
written by pitbullsareteddies, 02 February, 2009
Ok. when my fiance was cheating on me, he’d always take his phone calls outside, saying they were work-related. And I could never touch his phone. Try asking to see his phone out of the blue. If her resists, you’ve got yourself a cheater.
Cheaters are great at coming up with some retarded lies.. and MAKING US BELIEVE THEM!
I found a tape of him in a hotel room with another woman... and I believed him when he said that it was just a prank to get her in trouble with her boyfriend. But it was, in fact, a lie.
written by Lefty69, 21 September, 2009
I found a cell phone of another woman in the trunk of my husbands car not to long ago. Of course my first reaction was... WHAT THE HELL???? I kicked him out had him stay at our pastors home for a few days while I figured out WHAT I was going to do.

The texting on the phone clearly shows that the woman had given him the cell phone and my husband naively took it thinking nothing of it (BIG MISTAKE). In the text, she starts out chatting as a friend, but then she proceeds to flirting. His text after that was "please come get your phone, I am not interested in that type of friendship".

Thankfully nothing happened between the two of them, but hubby woke up to his error of even taking that phone. First sign of a woman after his heart AND THEN SOME.
written by Cherry Chilakillers, 26 February, 2010
I found my boyfriend (um now ex-boyfriend) in my car, I turned it off because I think that a cell phone is so personal and private... well, a few hours later, I turned it on... just for curiosity, or perhaps inside me I suspected that something was wrong... and I found some calls from her ex-lover (ex-lover??.. sure)...
all my messages had been delete, (something strange uh?). So I let it turned on. His boss, and friend called but I didn’t answer...
hours later... she called, so I answer the call, and she asked where he was? And tell me: who you are? I told her my name and her voice turned disappointed...
I told her that I was his girlfriend? And she said that just cannot be, because she was his girlfriend... (aha, cannot be??) then I said her – no problem you can stay still with him, I do not want that kind of man with me, then I cried and cried because I really thought he loved me... then he called me and I never answer, sometimes he still call, I’m disappointed of men... and I still have your cell phone... ahahaha
written by Seriously Upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 01 June, 2010
I found a phone number in the back of my husbands truck, in his sneaker. I asked him who number it was, and of course he told me he did not know how it got there and that he does not know who number it was. Of course i called the number and it belongs to some young girl. He still continues to deny whose number it is even after have confronted him. I am so upset because this is not the first time he has lied and he has cheated on me about 5 months ago. We have only been married for 8months and he cheated on me a month after we got married at our home. I am ready to end this marriage because it is obvious that he will not be faithful and now my mind is leading me to do the same. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
written by wtf, 07 January, 2011
A pair of women’s panties just appeared in our motel room after I hadn’t been there for weeks
written by firles, 10 June, 2011
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