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written by kristine, 23 November, 2006
I recently have had a distance relationship with my significant other. I was getting suspicious of him not getting my phone calls on his phone and him not responding. While he was in the shower I checked his phone for text messages I sent but by accident I pressed the wrong button which showed what he sent out to other people. There were several messages to another woman. The messages were..."Good Morning sunshine"..."Are you thinking of me", and "if we weren’t in our current position then you would be mine but until then you will always be in my heart"... I confronted him about it and denies the fact it was him he told me it was his friend Mark who made those texts and I questioned why didn’t Mark use his phone but used yours and he told me they were playing a joke on her. He keeps reassuring me it was a joke and thinking I believe him. Which I don’t but I feel that he is feeling guilty and the more I try to ask sneaky questions to throw him off he will soon spill the beans. This woman is also a co-worker. He claims they are only friends but do friends text each other with those choice of words????
Re I caught my boyfriend lying about loving someon
written by bradley, 08 December, 2006
Whereas I am not proud of my current situation I am currently involved with a married man. We had dated previously for 3 years and he met his wife on the rebound from our relationship. We have fallen back in love again. He texts me up to 20 times a day to say good morning.. ask where I am at and what I’m doing. He misses me wants to be lying next to me – cant wait to hold me...etc etc. I know that what we are both doing is wrong but there is so much love and so much history there its hard to do the best thing and walk away. If he is sending text messages about the most mundane of things and they are not entirely explicit then personally I would be worried. Being the other woman in a scenario such as this is devastating also. Don’t believe him.. I know he loves his wife and is desperately trying not to continue our affair but neither of us can stop. Its the most intensely difficult period of my life. Life as the ‘other woman’ holds no attraction. I DO feel guilt.. I Do feel full of regret but I AM so much in love. The affair will not last. I know that it is only a matter of time before I walk away. I do not want to be the cause of a marriage break up. I have loved this man for the last 13 years of my life and waited for him for the last 10. He initiated contacted by email, followed by text massages followed by meetings. I hope that you can recover from this situation. But please remember, emotional infidelity is just as bad if not worse than the physical type. More so because a bond is created and also for every 10 messages you find on his phone... there are hundreds that have already been deleted. These are the serious ones that he doesn’t want you to find. Take it from me.. Unfortunately I know.
written by help!, 18 February, 2009
i have had the same experience. i dated my boyfriend for about 3 months and he gave me a promise ring. then i found emails of him writing to this married woman he used to date that he wanted to see her and she never wrote back. the last email i found was my boyfriend telling her that her and her husband should come to my boyfriends vacation house whenever she wants. he told me that it was to try and see her just to get things from her that she still has from him. i believe him but to this day (1 year later) i’m always nervous i am going to find something. can someone help me? how do i get over this??
written by Hurt., 18 December, 2011
My boyfriend loved me...he asked me out in july.. and he was crazy about me best friend, his ex before this..the thing is SHE didnt care.. i found out, after a few months that he was using me to get over her.. it hurts.. and then he stopped talking to her because when we broke up last time,she told me that he told her that he liked her more than a friend.. and the truth was she kinda flirted and egged him on... he acted like he hated was perfect.. i even didnt care about me being friends with her.. all i needed was him.. a week ago i broke up cause i found out he was talking to her, yeah im insecure.. he was really sad and stuff.. so i got back after he pleaded..i needed him.. then yesterday he says he doesnt love me much.. i realize that he started talking to her after she broke up with her bf.. he probably thinks he has a chance.. but he DID care for me.. hes hurts..
written by ugh,, 15 September, 2012
I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now and we love eachother very much, but he loves someone else from a couple years back, they used to talk and email and I looked at his email cause I needed too and I caught him replying and he promised he never did. We got in a big fight (all of our fights is because of her and him) and he emailed her some bullshit saying stuff how he loves me but it also said "I’m telling you this because I deep in my heart love you" and all this stuff. It really hurts and I want to believe that he will/does love me more but my inner gut makes me so hurt and think it’ll never happen. I love him more than anything and this sucks, can someone please respond. I need help.

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