I found a woman’s cell phone in my husband’s car

My husband has been really funny about his work cell phone. He charges it in his shop and he won’t let me use it.

About a month ago I found a different cell phone in his car and I checked it out thinking it was a replacement for his work phone. But, it belonged to a girl who lived in Seattle, she still had the same cell phone number so she must have upgraded her phone and it was her old one that I found. It still had all of her contacts and messages on it still.

I did not mention to my husband that I had found the phone—I waited for him to bring it up to me. I figured maybe it it was a work phone and he would ask me right away about it. I had it for two days and he never mentioned it to me.

One day when he was outside his work phone rang and the same number that was on the cell phone I found in his car was calling his work phone. When I answered a girl said she had the wrong number. I asked who she was calling and she said "Jen."

When I told me husband that the same number on the phone in his car just called him he freaked out. Said it was a work phone etc. When I asked why the phone belonged to some girl, and all her info was still on the phone, and why she would have his work number he threw a fit. The cell phone in question is not activated and I don’t think his boss would give him a work phone and expect him to activate it.

There is no reason for all that girls info to still be on the phone. I called her and asked why her cell phone was in my husband’s car and she had no idea. I think if you give your old cell phone to a friend or it is stolen, you know where it is. My husband asked me where the phone is saying that his boss is going to be pissed but I am sure it is not a work phone. Sound fishy?


Typically, there are no hard-and-fast signs of cheating (see is my spouse cheating).

But, consider the odds of you finding a girl’s cell phone in your husband’s car, and he later receives a "wrong call" from that number... just a coincidence?

You would be foolish not to think something had happened, especially given your husband’s reaction: anger, not confusion.

An innocent spouse would most likely be confused by such a turn of events. But, anger is often used as a tactic to silence other people, especially by those who have been caught doing something wrong.

Finally, most cheating actually gets discovered by accident (see how people discover deception).

Cheating spouses are good about covering their tracks. But no one can anticipate all of the small mistakes which eventually seem happen—like someone losing her cell phone.

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