Past Comments – My ex-husband's infidelity is haunting my current relationship

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written by MiMi, 06 January, 2009
The fact that he cheated on her while they were dating may have something to do with her concerns... That she noticed and felt something wasn’t right doesn’t make her the impulse that started this problem in motion.

It seems to me that a guy who would cheat in the first place is more likely to cheat again. That he came clean on his most recent mistake before it went too far is a good sign. But it is hardly reason to give him a huge pat on the back.

I’d postpone the wedding.
written by Tao, 09 January, 2009
Some where I read that women gut feelings most of the times are real about their men. If you feel he is going to cheat again, I would recommend you wait for the wedding. I am not very sure if once a cheater is always a cheater, but I only know that if he cheated once, he is capable of doing that again. Whether he does it or not depends on his character, which you don’t have any control over.
written by P., 08 August, 2009
Why choose to torture yourself over and over again by getting married to ANOTHER cheater? Sounds like you’re almost seeking this behavior out. Not that it’s your fault, but perhaps it’s time to be waaaay more choosy about men.

Oh and gut instincts are always right. Always. They are created by a part of your brain that sees more then you’re ‘awake’ brain can comprehend. Trust your gut. It isn’t trying to make you unhappy. It’s trying to protect you from unhappiness.

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