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written by jhunter, 09 May, 2008
Finding things to do other than checking on her is the way to go. Plus, be careful what you wish for, you might find out things that you really don’t want to know. The jails are filled with people who found out too much information. I still don’t know how I dealt with it. Every day is a struggle.

written by lasmasta, 25 September, 2009
If you have those feelings already...They are probably true.
written by RPB, 08 September, 2011
I recently caught my wife cheating and I can certainly understand the emotion you are feeling. It is really difficult for me to live on a day to day basis. I don’t really know if I even believe her when she tells me that she is sorry for what she did. It is extremely difficult to trust her again. I don’t want to be alone but I just cant get the thought of her having another man in her, out of my really has taken a toll on my health and I feel that I really don’t want to try at life anymore. It has brought me down that much!
written by EGV, 27 September, 2011
I have somewhat a similar problem. I have caught my wife lying regarding a "friend" she has. I was a bit confused to why the lie took place at all since I had absolutely no reason to suspect her of doing anything. So I was confused and we talked about it. I actually even meet this other person. But her behavior has been very secretive. I came to find out that this other person actually feel in love with my wife and my wife says she was not responding the feelings, which I think is not so true. The point is I became very suspicious and we had several arguments over this topic and she of course still denies anything. I try to believe her but the thought always comes to my mind every now and then and then we argue again and this is putting such a stress in our relationship that I thought about leaving the marriage all together. I hate that she lied to me to begin with and this is how everything started. If there is anyone out there that can help me with an advise it is appreciate it.
written by eradicator178, 25 December, 2012
Two years ago my wife committed domestic abuse battery on me. ( I have never raised my fist to a woman in my life ) I forgave her for this and decided to continue our marriage. I was thanked for this by my wife having an affair with a co worker and actively pursuing another man while having the affair. I found out about it and was crushed. After all how could she do this after I forgave her for giving me a busted lip!!
So, we started counseling and lo and behold I discovered inappropriate text messages to other guys in her phone.
After confronting her about this she swore it would never happen again. Well I guess I deserve to receive the "Idiot of the Year Award" because I found out she was having another affair with another co worker.
I have pretty much had my fill. After the holidays it will be straight to the lawyers office to relieve myself of the problem.

written by Jfar, 09 January, 2013
Your story is strikingly similar to mine. It has been very difficult for me to get over the anxiety and depression that I have been feeling. My wife has been hiding text messages and excluding his name when she has been out with friends. Her texting conversations have been well over the line, although nothing concrete to tell me she is having an affair. She does admit that she had crossed the line in our relationship. despite that I have repeatedly found her continued lies. She continues to work with this person on a daily basis and is difficult for me to know what they are doing when I’m not around. I wish she would just come clean so we could try to move forward....My gut tells me something more is going on. Usually my gut reaction is accurate. We have had many arguments on this topic and it goes no where!! Any thoughts on EGV and my situation would be apprecaited.

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