Past Comments – Suspect that my best friend has a crush on my fiance

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written by makingachange, 13 October, 2009
Sounds like she’s after her man to me & consciously knows it. Watch her!! Why does she have his cell phone number? You don’t sound jealous to me.
written by MO, 03 February, 2010
Go with your instinct, honey. Believe me I was in exactly the same position as you this time last year and I beat myself up over even remotely suspecting something. However I wish I’d listened to my alarm bells, as they started an affair with about a week after I started seriously suspecting her motives. She and my husband had their seedy little fling for about 8 weeks, I didn’t find out about it till about a week before it finished, when he tearfully confessed to me the awful truth. We had separated about three weeks after their affair started. I am now having to deal with the fall out of it all. She was just an ego boost, I can see that now. It was a friendship that became more due to our marriage being under the most pressure it had ever had, she saw an opportunity to have my life which was way better than her miserable one and my husband saw a chance to have sex with someone new after 15 years (whatever excuse he gives me about being emotionally low) with the no strings, which she promised. However he couldn’t live with it and moved out then realised what a massive mistake he made and saw her for the total bunny boiler that she is. Turned out she wanted a serious relationship with him which is exactly what he didn’t want with her and they had agreed that was not what she wanted as she sickly still wanted to be friends with me! So predictable that she was going to suddenly change her mind, men are so stupid! We are trying very hard to work it out but I would far rather the affair had been with some random stranger than my best friend, as I now have to live with a double betrayal which is unbearable! Good luck and kick your friend in to touch sweetie, get rid of her!
written by LJ, 20 February, 2010
I know this post is older but I agree with the distance thing. It will give your friend time to cool off and recheck her situation. Perhaps, you can drop a word to her as well. Let her know that her behavior is odd to you and that it makes you uneasy to the point that it will hurt your friendship with her. Sometimes just bringing an issue to light can end it or at least keep someone in check.
written by SavannahDavidson, 16 September, 2012
who the hell does she think she is?! I know I’m the jealous type. if I were you, I’d be seriously ticked off. get rid of her. there are plenty of other fish in the sea. and she has a boyfriend?! disgusting.

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