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written by Guest, 14 January, 2006
I recently heard of a similar situation described to me by an ex-school mate and the explanation is very hard to accept. The story told to me differed because my friend never called looking for anyone, but found out later to hear a similar story. It still bothers him and its been at least 10 years! She liked to flirt and hug other men, but always told him he "read too much into the action." Go figure...
written by Guest, 16 January, 2006
Thank you so much for your response. I agree that seeking the truth in this matter would be impossible and I understand so well how suspicion can cripple a person’s trust. Thank you again for your advice.

written by nicenthic, 15 October, 2011
Dude, are you serious? OF COURSE they had sex. Are you a naive child who can’t see blindingly obvious signs when they hit you in the face?! Sorry man, I don’t mean to sound insensitive but that is the truth. She is now emotionally attached to your "friend". Women cannot keep sex and emotions separated to the same extent that guys can. So notice how she will find convenient excuses to hang out with him often.

Men have been born with the innate ability to keep sex separate from our emotions. Most girls do not have this ability. Once you have sex with a girl, she starts heavily investing herself in you. But it’s up to you to keep your emotions well guarded when dealing with sluts. For most semi-intelligent blokes who’ve had at least some action in his life, this is quite easy to do. But it’s not so easy for a young guy with his first few lays. This is when he might put his heart and soul into a bad apple (read: slut). He will get burned and then learn from it.

The real morons are the guys who don’t learn and invest themselves again in a another slut and possibly marry her. Then they lose a lot more than their hurt feelings – they could be stuck with alimony, child support and even a lost house. Now that’s a lesson they wont forget!

Learn some game theory and see how your mindset changes completely. You will be in power and every girl will just be another social experiment and possibly another conquest when you get good at it. You will understand women better than you can possibly imagine and use this new-found power to your benefit socially and in your personal life.

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