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written by Tatiyanna, 03 June, 2008
Jealousy is very hard to cope with when your thoughts of your girl, or man cheating on you. But again we all need to think about being accused of lying, and treating them differently. In my eyes, if you love someone let them be and have... FAITH HOPE AND LOVE and let god take it from there.. If it’s meant to be it will!!
written by philip, 10 October, 2008
Dump her.
written by kgomo kgomotso, 07 November, 2008
Jealousy will provoke negative thoughts, thinking this and that about he, hence you will end up being insecure. I think the only way to eradicate this jealousy,you need to speak with her and tell her how you feel.
written by Thom, 07 February, 2009
Jealousy is a hard thing to deal with. Especially, when you’ve found the one. But knowing that you’ve found the one, should make it easier to talk about. If you think she/he is too jealous, just reassure them that they are the only one. Don’t hold it inside. Don’t lose everything over fear.
written by Trust, 18 February, 2009
You don’t trust her because she lied to you, what the hell are you blaming yourself for?
written by evolive, 25 February, 2009
Last response is the best one, why are you blaming yourself...she’s lying to you because she wants to conceal something from you, which means that she is breaking your trust...especially with someone that she has inner-emotions for...dump her and don’t look back.
written by valkrie, 19 May, 2009
find another girl
written by avein29, 08 September, 2009
I don’t care how much new age nonsense people spoon feed you. The excuse of your actions making her do something is just a way of denying personal responsibility for her poor character and the actions she took because of that poor character.

Work on yourself, be happy with you and that will be the best thing you can do for you and give the added bonus of pissing this emotional harlot off.

written by big man, 13 October, 2009
I know the feelings you’re going through, I have been in a similar predicament. When you love someone, "All rules seem to loose their values". Anyways, I will never tell you what to do or how to feel, you have to figure it out for your self. Trust is very important, but how do you trust a repetitive lyier? PPl many times abuse the ones who love them the most, because they know love makes you weak. If she loves you back, she will know what makes you happy or mad, so it’s also up to her not to push your buttons. You see, situations like this are sticky, her communications with her EX could be innocent, yet I have known girls who were having sex with their ex while they presently had a boyfriend who loved them very much. It’s your call bro!!!!!
written by jdub, 19 December, 2009
Could be worse. I was always accepting that my girlfriend had to communicate with her ex because they had a kid together. 2 yrs down the road and we had a great relationship thus far, she started being very sneaky and talking to him more. He then started buying her gifts. A week and a half later we broke up and she is back with him now. He was an abusive druggie, she has got to be nuts. On top of that I now find out that this amazing girl I just spent 2 great years with had a lot of secrets. Just to name one, I found out she was a stripper and never told me. Thats just the iceberg. I am pretty sure the whole relationship was a lie.
written by kupal, 09 March, 2010
i just had same situation just few weeks back and last night was our biggest fight. this is one thing ive learned the more u get jealous the more you push her away because by being jealous u show no trust on her and that was my mistake. she is always quiet and not saying her thoughts whenever i bring that up but last night she broke her silence telling me that because i kept repeating her ex name i just make her kept on thinking of him and she doesnt wanna be with him she told me talking to her ex is just like talking to someone she knows, she have told me that she loved me and considered of settling down with me but because of my jealousy she said that if im having this problem now that we are not living together how much more when we get married. Im confused. i dont know what to think up to this point but i know one thing im gonna do the best to help her and make her happy and if she was meant to be with me it will happen down the road but if not there is nothing i can do. We didnt break up i talked her about giving me chance and able to explain her my side. im so insecure about her actions. but now i know she really loves me. She put up with my jealousy still continue to love me. i know u feel pain but imagine how she feels if you show no trust at all.
written by chica, 23 February, 2011
writing this on the internet only shows how much you feel hurt. But in truth you know you were jealous and you just wanted to care for her. You just took it a little too far. If you apologize and be honest maybe she’ll take you back that’s if you want her back
written by Kostantinos, 10 March, 2011
Spit on her and move on dude. Don’t blame yourself that you are the only on that is wrong. If she would love you she would understand your jealousy and she would make you feel at least better and not make it worse. She is just playing with you. As they said above move on and don’t look back. There are so many women out there that will understand your jealousy... don’t sweat it. Spit, turn around and let it dry
written by Beauty and brains, 02 September, 2012
Your response to being deceived is completely natural – it is not wrong. We become jealous when we fear we are going to loose something of value. The rub of jealousy is that it actually depletes our self-esteem. Why? Because when jealousy enters the picture it is because we fear we don’t have as much to offer as the person we are jealous of. Part of being in a relationship is assuring your partner that they are valued and special – I am guessing that your partner does not give you that. You have concluded that her ex has more to offer her than you do. Her acts of deception speak volumes. Yes, she may want to maintain a friendly relationship with him, but If this bothers you then she should be willing to reassure you that you mean more than this friendship and come to a compromise. Maybe you all go out together, maybe she opens up all her communications with him to you. Her my way or the highway attitude is not the sign of a mature person wanting to make a relationship work ( and yes, relationships are work). She is Blameshifting, instead of taking responsibility how her actions make you feel, she is saying your feelings are causing her actions. Don’t fall for this crazy making pattern in your relationship. Relationships are give and take – not a one way street!
written by Confusions, 19 January, 2013
It’s a head fuck when they lie about things and then blame you. I don’t know what to make of it either. I’m female and get jealous and so my bf hides things from me and says its my fault. I question myself constantly too and think I need help but the more he lies the more I think, do I really have a problem or is it my intuition keeping me jealous!

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