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my boy friends a liar
written by stacey ryan, 24 February, 2007
My boyfriend constantly lies about every thing. He is the epitome of deception. I’ve never seen someone who is caught in a lie and can keep denying with a straight face! Its made our relationship go down hill. He cheats on me and will deny it till I’ve got hard core proof, and sometimes he’ll still deny it. He also lies about petty things.
My husband and his family are all liars!!! Read th
written by 5 th Street, 26 February, 2007
I had suspicions about my husband when I first met him but didn’t worry too much. He would make stories up about his life occasionally when he met strangers but just small lies. However, he didn’t work and told me he had received an inheritance... that story changed as the years passed, he said he was lying to impress me. However, he always had money and had never worked. He said a small amount came each month from his mom (only child) and his aunt.

After six years together I began taping his phone conversations. I taped him talking to his mom about a building, roofers, tenants, checks, accountants I mean... I was shocked my husband owns property and we live in a rented apartment. Read on... I confronted him, he denied it! I confronted the mom she denied it! I said ‘I have you both on tape!!! You can’t do this to me’ They still said they knew nothing of this. I threw him out and was certain he would break down, I mean he loved and adored me, right? No, 3 months later still lying and living in a motel up the street.

So, am I frustrated... you don’t even know. It’s amazing how people can just lie this way, are they sick? If anyone has an explanation for this I will buy them dinner, I am dumbfounded and very sad, I feel like I am in a terrible dream and waiting to see the light. I pray every day for the something to change, here’s to hoping.
written by Used and abused, 11 March, 2011
After finding out on facebook my husband was having an affair for a little while, he still lied about being in contact with the other woman. He kept saying he wanted it to work but after getting access to is telephone (which he doesn’t know about) I could see the phone calls through out the day and he lied about that as well. First he said he wasn’t talking to her, then it was "she is calling me," then it was casual conversation. After about 5 months of trying to figure out why things just didn’t feel right, it came to my attention that he never stopped talking to her. Needless to say the relationship is over between me and him and all I have to say to anyone (male or female), is if it doesn’t feel right then most likely it isn’t.
written by Alone yet again!, 14 July, 2011
I have suffered at the hands of a man who was constantly accusing me of being unfaithful to the point of him insisting I take a lie detector test only to find out he was is lying yet again. He admits he is a liar but trying to get him to admit he is lying is like trying to get blood out of a stone, when caught I’ve been called names I could never print on here, the last time he was caught he threw a pint of water in my face, I don’t think I have the time and energy to mend this guy as I’m the one letting people down when things go wrong (I was going to move in and rent my house out and had tenants waiting and I had a new job starting) only to find out the week before he had stayed out all night with another woman but he made out to me he was in bed! I hacked into his phone account to see clearly he had called a taxi @ 9.30 am his excuse at first was "I rang my phone by accident!" then "I was going to call a taxi to check on you!" then I was told he stayed at his sisters (which was true) but another woman was with him his sister called me and said he slept on the settee, but why? I’ve been lied to that much my picture of that night has distortions and even if he is now telling the truth I don’t believe him, so I packed up and went back home, however I still love him and miss him. But I’d rather be alone that made to feel like I’m losing the plot. Why do men seek the attention of other women and then lie about it when they realize the grass is not greener? Truth of the matter is women need a man with a bigger I.Q than them.
written by the abused mother in law, 15 September, 2011
I have one daughter that is married 17 yrs to a man that is a compulsive/chronic liar. He has lied to us since we met him, made up elaborate stories of his life, including lying about the huge age difference- 15yrs. We found out many years later and was willing to forgive. But since then his lying is ridiculous! He lies about petty little things that don’t even benefit him, always turns it back on you when caught, and makes us out to bee the "troublemaker". Recently he lied about something that resulted in my husbands death. He blurted it out accidentally, then tried to deny he said it. Basically my husband had a mild heart attack in his presence, didn’t tell anyone, then a week later, was the massive ha that killed him. He kept it quiet for14 months, and when it came out he lied again!. There is no such thing of him telling the truth! I can’t do anything because he he is my son in law. If I alienate my only daughter. I will have no family...
written by Dropped the zero...., 26 January, 2012
I was with a compulsive liar for 3 1/2 years. Had a daughter with him and now wish he wasn’t her father. Worst think was, we separated for 4 months (which by the way he was already with someone like a day later -so he was basically cheating). She kicked him out, I let him back him with the agreement that I could only consider reconciling if we went to couples therapy. 3 days after our second session, I found out he went out dancing that night and didn’t go to work the next day when he made me think he was going home to get up early the next morning to go to work. When I confronted him, what did he do? Deny, deny, deny! What did I do....I called the therapist, let her know we weren’t going anymore then called my cell phone provider and blocked his number! People who lie all the time don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s called saying and doing whatever they want at whatever cost and trying not to get caught while doing. Selfish, unmoral and unethical.
written by Loser Wife, 30 January, 2012
My husband and I are "trying" to work though our issues after I found out about him having a relationship with an old girlfriend. Although it appears they never actually slept together they definitely engaged in phone/photo/video sex. That in and of itself is bad enough but my husband went so far as to deny that he was even married. He literally said he had not remarried me to this woman. Their relationship began in the spring of 2007 and barely ended this past December 2011. He has consistently lied about everything I’ve accused him of and only admits to those things for which I have concrete proof. Every time I feel like I’m getting a handle on the situation, I find out something new. Can anyone out there please help me? Should I demand full disclosure with the consequence of leaving if he lies or should I just let it go and move on from here? We are getting along better because this forced us to communicate but it is awful at times because even though I want to believe him, I just cannot. I need help.
written by dar, 31 May, 2012

written by loser wife 2, 14 August, 2012
To Loser Wife 30 January 2012. Your letter is a mirror of mine. My husband has become a compulsive liar about everything. I found a photo on facebook and some video on U Tube to be told a pack of lies "that cant be me I wasnt there!". My housekeeping standing orders strangely dont work "the bank set them up incorrectly", I have had enough and am filing for divorce.

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