Two Ways to Ask an Expert

Use our Ask an Expert feature to ask questions about your relationship. One of our relational experts (PhD) will personally respond to you.

There are two ways you can use this feature and one alternative:

  1. Ask your questions and receive a posted response within a week using the form below (free of charge).

    Status as of May, 15 2017: The color of the button, from green to yellow to red, indicates the backlog of questions to which we are trying to respond.

  2. Ask an Expert Form

  3. Consult directly with one of our experts by phone within 24 hours (US only).

    We provide a 20 minute consultation or 60 minutes that can be used over multiple sessions.

    If you choose the phone consultation option, we will initially contact you by email to setup a time to talk to you.

Disclaimer: All advice is offered in good faith. But, of course, you do not have to take the advice given. Ultimately, any decisions you make, and all of the consequences that follow, are your own. Thanks!

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