Cheating Spouse – Facts, Information and Advice

Listed below are the most common facts about cheating spouses. We also offer articles and advice for dealing with a cheating spouse, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • While gender differences influence cheating (men are more likely to cheat than women), other factors also play an important role. A person’s past sexual history, an individual’s mate value (attractiveness), the degree of opportunity (time spent away from a spouse with other potential sexual partners), and a person’s willingness to take risks all play an important role in infidelity (see who is likely to cheat and stats about infidelity)
  • Having children does not protect against infidelity. Couples with young children are just as likely to engage in infidelity as married couples without children (see iVillage survey).
  • Even though there is a cultural movement to "idealize" romantic love—a trend where people try to find their perfect soul mate who will "complete" them (see views on love and marriage)—rates of cheating have remained relatively stable over time (see iVillage survey).
  • Falling head-over-heals in love at the start of a relationship does not protect couples against infidelity. Intense feelings of love change over time. Having "companionate" love is more important than "romantic/passionate" love when it comes to making a relationship work (see cheating during my second marriage and love styles).
  • While people are aware that cheating is common, most people have a difficult time acknowledging that their own spouse might be doing so (see iVillage survey and love is blind).
  • Few cheating spouses will admit to the truth when confronted with evidence of their affair (see cheating spouse survey listed below).
  • Spouses who are unfaithful are most likely to start cheating 3 to 5 years into their marriage (see iVillage survey).
  • While both men and women engage in infidelity, there are some sex differences when it comes to cheating (see cheating wives versus cheating husbands).

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