Polite Disengagement – Warning Signs of Emotional Cheating

The following behaviors may indicate that a spouse is in love with someone else, but still has feelings for you.

  • May seem to need more space, privacy, autonomy, or time to self
  • May seem bored with you, family, work, or home life
  • May seem emotionally distant or checked out
  • May not say “I love you” as much or express affection
  • Less excitement to see you or enjoyment to be around you
  • May express concerns about being in love or the relationship
  • May seem reluctant to make future commitments and plans
  • May offer excuses about not planning future trips, vacations, and family visits
  • May try to avoid conflict, fighting or arguments
  • Less interest in having sex or sex is less passionate
  • May feel like your partner is going through the motions or seem distant during sex
  • Less expression or sharing of feeling
  • Sudden changes in schedule is making it difficult to spend time together
  • Partner may seem depressed, distant, confused, or caught day dreaming
  • Unusual mood swings
  • Unusual phone activity or text messaging
  • Suddenly keeps cell phone away from you
  • May try to fix perceived insecurities (e.g. lose weight, workout, new clothes)
  • May be more difficult to reach or get a hold of than before
  • Phone calls might not be returned right away

Essentially, a spouse or partner who acts like this may be in love with someone else, but does not want to hurt you.

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