Hostile Disengagement – Warning Signs of Emotional Cheating with Intent to Leave

The following behaviors may indicate that a spouse is trying to end a relationship due to an affair.

  • More willing to pick fights, arguments, and conflicts
  • Less forgiving, understanding, and accepting
  • Very critical, hostile, or maybe abusive
  • Not sharing new information or feelings
  • Reluctant to do things together or spend time together
  • May become less gentle, polite, or concerned
  • Little, or no, interest in sex
  • Sex becomes more physical than emotional
  • May refuse to have sex
  • Develops interest in new activities, hobbies, or interests
  • Sudden changes in clothing, exercise routine, and other self-improvements
  • Suggests that things are not working or that there are problems
  • May mention that how he or she is not happy or satisfied
  • May forget anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions
  • Unwilling to make future commitments and plans
  • Changes in work habits, schedule, and spending of free time
  • More conflict over money and finances
  • Disinterested in things around home and family
  • Loss of interest in doing things together or spending time together

Essentially, a spouse or partner who acts like this may be in love with someone else and is looking for a way out.

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