Confused Engagement – Warning Signs of Emotional Cheating

The following behaviors may indicate that a spouse has feelings for you, but is also in love with someone else.

  • Drastic mood swings and may seem emotionally unstable
  • Partner seems distracted, confused, detached, or distant
  • Alternates between sexual interest and lack of interest
  • Sex may be much more emotional
  • May suggest new things sexually then loss interest
  • Exaggerated displays of affection and love followed by quiet periods
  • Overly affectionate and passionate at times
  • Increased expressions of love
  • Sudden changes in clothing, appearance, or interest in getting in shape
  • Sudden change in habits, hobbies, or schedules
  • Increased reference or talking about the third party
  • Unusual phone activity or text messaging
  • Suddenly keeps cell phone away from you

Essentially, a spouse or partner who acts like this may be in love with two people and very confused about what to do.

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