Donald Trump’s extraordinary lies

While politicians are known to bend the truth, and make promises they don’t intend to keep, Donald Trump’s tendency to lie is truly breathtaking.

News organizations covering the White House have tried to compile lists of the specific lies that President Trump has told during his first year in office and the results are staggering. Both the New York Times and the Washington Post have been busy documenting the lies of Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, President Trump as told over 5000 lies since taking office.

Here’s an overview of some of the bigger whoppers Donald Trump has told…

Given Donald Trump’s exceptional record of lying coupled with both his extraordinary need for attention and his apparent lack of empathy, it should come as little surprise that questions have been raised about the state of his mental health—does Donald Trump suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?

People who have been in relationships or had to work with someone with NPD know how exhausting the experience can be. Is Donald Trump’s behavior wearing thin on the public and will the 2018 midterm elections be a referendum on his nonstop antics? We’ll find out soon enough.