Background Checks When Dating

Background checks are useful when trying to verify information about a partner’s past.

Until recently, most people dated someone with whom they were already acquainted through their social network—family, friends, church, work, etc.

But with our increased mobility and the growing popularity of online dating, it is not uncommon for complete strangers to meet and become involved.

This change in how couples get together makes it easier for people to conceal information about their past history. Therefore, it is becoming more common for people to conduct background checks when dating, especially when one’s suspicions have been raised.

  • Does someone sound too good to be true?
  • Are things not adding up?
  • Is she still married?
  • Is he telling the truth about his academic degree?

Background checks allow individuals to verify someone’s past employment record, marriage and divorce records, educational achievements, financial information, military service, address history, property ownership, and criminal history (if any).

Background Checks can be done online and the top rated firms are Abika, Records Registry, and US Search.

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