To cuddle or not

By Truth About Deception

A new study looks at cuddling from an attachment perspective? Does an individual’s attachment style influence one’s feelings about cuddling? The interesting thing about this study – they examined parents’ as and well as romantic partners’ feelings about cuddling.

The results were not all that surprising. Dismissing or avoidant individuals, both as parents and as romantic partners, had more negative feelings about cuddling. However, the study does raise an interesting implication. Parents, who dislike cuddling, are more likely to raise dismissing children. As noted by the researchers:

“… it is likely that children of avoidant parents grow up to dislike intimate touch in their relationships, with both romantic partners and children. Individual differences in attachment avoidance may therefore facilitate the transference of intimacy in relationships across the lifespan.”

Source:  Chopik, W. J., Edelstein, R. S., van Anders, S. M., Wardecker, B. M., Shipman, E. L., & Samples-Steele, C. R. (2014). Too close for comfort? Adult attachment and cuddling in romantic and parent–child relationships. Personality and Individual Differences, 69, 212-216.


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