Lybrido – Monogamy in a Pill

By Truth About Deception

Sex is important in a long-term romantic relationship.  While male sexual desire seems to be more stable, women are more likely to lose interest in having sex over the course of time.  And this can lead to a lot of problems in a romantic relationship – frustration, resentment and infidelity.

Clinical trials are now underway to increase female sexual desire with a long-term partner.

Key quotes from a New York Times article on this research.

Women get bored having sex with their partners over time.

“But at bottom there seemed to be one common cause: they had all grown tired of sex with their long-term partners.”

“Perhaps the fantasy that so many of us harbor, consciously or not, in the early days of our relationships, that we have found a soul mate who will offer us both security and passion, till death do us part, will soon be available with the aid of a pill.”

“Lybrido bestowing unmistakable benefits in desire — and in rates of orgasm.”

The future of romantic relationships will probably include neurochemical enhancement of some sort.


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