Poor Lie Detection Skills

By Truth About Deception

People think they can detect deception, but ALL of the research shows just the opposite. People’s ability to detect deception, either with a stranger, a friend, or lover is no better than flipping a coin. We can only detect deception when we know the truth.

The latest research on the topic?

Experienced job interviewers were no better than novices at detecting deception during a job interview. A key quote from a summary of the research:

“Overall the participants achieved an accuracy rate of 52 percent – barely above chance performance, which is consistent with a huge literature showing how poor most of us are at spotting deception. But the headline finding is that the more experienced interviewers were no better than the novice interviewers at spotting lying job candidates.”

Detecting deception is always more difficult than people think it is (see, detecting deception).


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