Sliding Versus Deciding

By Truth About Deception

Some people slide into their relationships. People hangout, spend time together, become a couple, move in, and they may even get married.

It is easy for couples to slide into a relationship. Sliding couples don’t talk about what they are doing, make their expectations clear, or think about their decisions. They go with the flow – what’s the point of discussing where the relationship is going and what it means to be together? If things are working, why talk about it? The classic example of sliding into a relationship – moving into together because you are already spending all of your time at one person’s place. Why not just move in and save some money, right?

Other people decide their way into a relationship. They think about what they are doing and make their expectations clear. They weigh the pros and cons of being in a relationship and talk about their feelings with their partner. They think about what their decisions mean before they act. Moving in together is a big deal. Let’s talk about what we expect from each other, where we want our relationship to go, let’s make sure we understand what we are getting into.

New research shows that people who decide their way into a relationship are more happy with the outcome, more dedicated to their partner, and less likely to cheat.

Sliding into a relationship may seem like the easy way to go. But sliding into a relationship is an easy route to sliding into a set of commitments that no one really agreed to.


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