Junk Connections

By Truth About Deception

Our need for connection defines us. We want to be close to each other, form attachments, fall in love, and share our lives together.

Our need for connection helped us survive and is critical for our emotional and physical health.

But, just like many other fundamental needs, we can satisfy this desire in ways that are fulfilling or superficial.

As Barbara Fredrickson points out, our need for connection, like are craving for sweets, can be met in a variety of ways. Just as we can turn to “junk food” to deal with our craving for sweets, rather than eating fruits and vegetables, we can also turn to “junk connections,” rather than giving our minds and bodies what they really need – genuine face-to-face interaction.

Think about all of the ways we make junk connections today. Facebook, twitter, and turning the TV on in the background so you don’t feel alone. And now we are creating pillows that simulate a partner’s heartbeat.

Real friends, those you see, face-to-face, are what matter the most. The latest research here.


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