A New Low

By Truth About Deception

Deception can be used to achieve a lot of different goals.

You can use it in a polite way to bolster someone’s self-esteem. Or you can use it in a harmful way by taking away an individual’s right to make an informed decision. For instance, people, who cheat on their spouses, rarely tell the truth. They want to limit their spouse’s ability to make an important decision – “Do I really want to be involved with a cheater?”

Apparently, some individuals are taking the use of deception to a new low. The state of California is now considering making rape by deception a crime. That’s right. A few individuals have been impersonating someone’s partner in order to have sex. Sneak into someone’s room late at night and pretend to be their partner. Or pretend to be someone you are not in order to get someone to have sex with you.

How pitiful is it that we have to consider making laws against such behavior?


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