Oral Sex Differences

By Truth About Deception

Oral sex is somewhat of a biological puzzle. Assuming that sex was designed for reproduction, what’s the purpose of oral sex? Oral sex typically doesn’t create a lot of children.

Researchers looking at the purpose of oral sex have linked it to infidelity. Men, who are more suspicious that their partners may be cheating, are more likely to engage in oral sex. It is thought that oral sex serves many purposes for men, including examining their partner’s vagina – does she taste or smell like she has been with another man? Revolting to think about, but some evidence supports this interpretation. A key finding from a recent study on the topic:

“Men but not women at greater risk of partner infidelity report greater interest in, and spend more time performing, oral sex on their partner. Furthermore, the relationships between partner infidelity risk and interest in, and time spent, performing oral sex are statistically larger for men.”

Women, by contrast, don’t use oral sex the same way that men do. The possible reasons for this difference are uncomfortable to contemplate. To begin with, sexually transmitted diseases are more easily contracted when women perform oral sex than men. Also, men leave more semen in women than women leave vaginal secretions on men. Taken together, it is more effective and less risky for men to use oral sex to detect infidelity than the other way around.

A link to the latest research on the topic can be found here.


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