Sex For the Right Reason

By Truth About Deception

Sex is important in a romantic relationship.  Sex creates feelings of closeness and helps couples maintain an attachment to each other.  While sex is important in romantic relationships, sexual activity often declines over time.

What can you do to maintain an active sex life?

New research shows that individuals, who take a communal approach to sex, have more active sex lives and are happier with the sex they have.

What does a communal approach to sex look like?

It involves having sex to please a partner, rather than having sex based on what you get in return.  It involves focusing on a partner’s needs.

The motivation to please a partner sexually increases one’s own sexual satisfaction.  Like many other things in life – people are happier when they give for the right reasons – out of love and concern and not a focus on the self.

People, who have sex out of concern for a partner, have an easier time keeping the spark alive.


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