How Would You Know?

By Truth About Deception

Self-deception is such a tricky topic. How do you gain awareness about a behavior that you conceal from yourself? Even researchers, who study biases, fall for the very same biases they study. For instance, do a good deed; it is because you are a good person. Do something wrong, well, the situation played a large role in what happened.

A new article in the Huffington Post highlights some of the problems of self-deception. A quote from the article:

“We lie to ourselves and to others every day. It’s what we do to get through our day. Lying can be thought of as a spectrum from being brutally honest on one side to being psychopathically dishonest on the other. Somewhere along that line is a healthy balance of authenticity, social intelligence and empathy. The sweet spot is different for everyone and it varies according to situations. I try to keep my range between brutally honest to telling a few little white lies, while not undermining the trust others have in me. Sometimes it’s a tightrope walk.”


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