Top Ten Lies Lovers Tell

By Truth About Deception

We asked over ten thousand individuals about the lies they tell their romantic partners.

What did we find?

For the most part, men and women are very similar when it comes to lying.

Top Lies Men TellTop Lies Women Tell
Snooping on my partner52%Snooping on my partner59%
Feeling insecure about my relationship51%Feeling insecure about my relationship51%
How often I masturbate49%My feelings for someone else42%
My sexual fantasies49%Contact with prior partners41%
Using pornography49%My sexual satisfaction with my partner40%
How I spend my free time45%My sexual history39%
My feelings for someone else45%My sexual fantasies37%
Contact with prior partners43%My flirting35%
My flirting41%How I spend my free time33%
My sexual history41%How I spend money35%


Key Differences?

Men are more likely than women to lie about how often they masturbate and their use of pornography.

Women are more likely to lie about being sexually satisfied and how they spend money.

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