Facebook Surveillance

By Truth About Deception

Is your partner looking at your profile?  Checking out your new friends and monitoring what you’re doing?  That depends on who you are dating.

A new study found that individuals with an avoidant (or dismissing) style of attachment, not only keep their partners at a distance offline, but online as well.  Avoidant individuals could care less what their partners are doing on Facebook – they don’t check.

People with an anxious-ambivalent style of attachment tell a different story.  Anxious individuals experience more jealousy on a daily basis and are obsessive about checking their partner’s Facebook page for any sign of trouble.

On a bright note, people who are passionately in love with their partners are also more likely check out their partner’s Facebook status.  These individuals are driven to monitor their partner’s Facebook activity not out of insecurity, but out of love.

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