Cut Yourself Some Slack

By Truth About Deception

New research shows that individuals, who are high in self-compassion, have healthy, satisfying relationships.

Have you ever tripped in public, spilled a glass of milk, or called someone by the wrong name?  How do you react?  With kindness and humor or embarrassment and shame?

Self-compassionate individuals acknowledge their mistakes for what they are – a part of the human condition.  People who have a lot of self-compassion acknowledge their flaws and realize that no one is perfect.  When things go wrong, self-compassionate individuals do not evaluate themselves negatively; they embrace their humanity and show themselves kindness.  They acknowledge negative feelings and events, but they do not dwell on them.

When it comes to love and romance, self-compassionate individuals are more accepting, warm and caring.  They treat their partners with the same benevolence they grant themselves.  As a result, their relationships are more intimate and satisfying.  It is easy to connect with a self-compassionate individual.

Self-critical individuals, however, are not only harder on themselves, but their partners as well.  Self-critical individuals are more judgmental, controlling and verbally abusive with the people they love.


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