Boredom Kills

By Truth About Deception

The beginning of a new relationship is so thrilling.  There is so much mystery and excitement; endless things to share with each other and so many unexpected things to discover.  Every day together feels like a new experience – a chance to learn and grow.

But, then reality sets in and mystery is replaced by routine.  Even “date night” – a time for couples to reconnect – can turn into doing the same thing over and over.  Ever end up at the exact same restaurant ordering the exact same item?  Comforting sure.  But exciting?  Probably not.

The key to a successful relationship is to keep novelty and excitement a part of the mix.  Rather than seek excitement outside of the relationship (as some people do), it is important for couples create excitement within their relationship.

But how?

By doing novel and exciting activities together as often as possible – by engaging in self-expansion activities with your partner or spouse (see, Aron and Aron).

Try doing something new together once a week.  Try a new restaurant, take a dance class, go skiing, try skydiving, go camping, hiking, or even just explore an unfamiliar part of the city.

Doing something novel and exciting brings couples closer together because it gives them something to talk about.  It also replaces boredom with positive energy.

Self-expansion activities are one the easiest things a couple can do to keep their relationship healthy and strong.


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