Dark Personalities II

By Truth About Deception

Machiavellian individuals are interesting to say the least.  On one hand, they are very charming and charismatic.  But unfortunately, they use their charm and attractiveness to further their agenda at the expense of others.

Machiavellian individuals are masters at finding other people’s weak spots and using their insight to get what they want.  They have little concern for others.  They lack a sense of guilt and shame.

This is especially the case when it comes to love and romance.

New research shows that Machiavellian individuals are more likely to use lying and deception when it comes to dating.  Not surprisingly, their romantic relationships are marked by a lack of personal intimacy.  However, some people are drawn to Machiavellian personalities because they are so skilled at getting their way.

Date someone for love, intimacy and companionship?

Or date a manipulative individual because of the benefits they may be able to provide such as financial success and access to power?

As long as people are aware of the risks of dating a Machiavellian lover, what’s the big deal?  The real harm comes when people get played without understanding rules of the game.


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