Long, Happy Life

By Truth About Deception

A long, happy life is based on the quality of your personal relationships.  Direct, face-to-face social interaction with loved ones is the biggest contributor to your happiness in life.  A quote from a new article on the secret to health and longevity says it the best:

“That factor has to do with the breakdown of communities as our society becomes more fragmented and dependent upon technical devices for communication and less inclined to experience direct, personal interactions with others. While many of us fail to connect the dots between a diminishment of personal involvement with others and the overall quality of health, a number highly regarded health experts have done so and have a lot to say about it. In his best-selling book Healthy at 100, John Robbins states that the most important indicator of longevity and good health is the quality of our personal relationships.”  Full article can be found here.


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