Tangled Web Indeed

By Truth About Deception

People have always told lies to avoid all kinds of social dilemmas. People often lie when turning down social invitations, or to avoid giving a long and detailed (but accurate) explanation, or to maintain some sense of privacy (why do I have to share everything with you?).

However, the growing use of location-sharing social media is making social lies more difficult to tell. New research has started to address how location-sharing applications can trap people in a tangled web of half-truths. One participant’s response illustrates the dilemmas many people now face.

“I don’t want to tell someone, “I can’t go out with you – I’m at home,” and then I go out. That’s dangerous. [There have] been situations where I tell someone I’m not going out tonight and then photos will be posted of me going out…”

Does technology take away some of our privacy? Are we now obligated to share our plans with anyone who asks because they might find out somehow? How do we turn down some invitations while accepting others without hurting someone’s feelings? How do you tell someone they weren’t invited to dinner or a party when you know they are probably going to find out sooner or later?


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