Don’t Be Fooled

By Truth About Deception

If you want to understand how your romantic relationship is going to work out, it helps to know about your partner’s attachment style.  Individuals with insecure attachment styles create more problems in their relationships, including lying and infidelity (see, attachment styles).  So, when it comes to picking a mate, wouldn’t everyone be better off choosing a secure partner to date?  Of course.  But, insecure people seem to know this too.  Research shows that insecure individuals are more likely to form an initial positive impression than secure individuals.  Insecure people were more likely to present themselves as being warm, engaging, and humorous.  It is only after a relationship forms that people begin to experience their partner’s dismissing and/or controlling behavior.

Take your time when getting to know someone.  Insecure individuals work extra hard to form positive impressions.  What you see at first is not always what you end up with in the long run.  And dark personalities also try to conceal their true nature by wrapping themselves in pretty packages.

Perhaps, second guesses should follow first impressions.


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