Interpersonal Legacy

By Truth About Deception

Did you grow up in a warm family environment?  At a young age, did you learn how to solve conflict constructively? New research shows how important one’s family environment is when it comes to predicting marital success.

Videotapes of adolescents solving conflict with other family members predicted marital outcomes as adults.  Adolescents, who solved conflict constructively, by displaying warmth, using supportive messages, and effective listening skills, had more satisfying marriages 20 years later.

Developing strong interpersonal skills early in life (and growing up in a warm family environment) has a lasting impact on one’s ability to maintain a successful romantic relationship.

One of the more interesting findings of this study is that one’s childhood experiences had an impact on a romantic partner’s happiness.  If you grew up in a positive family environment, your spouse receives the benefits.


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