Dancing in Heels

By Truth About Deception

People do a lot of stupid things.  Men love to brag about their conquests on the golf course, while women paint their faces with makeup and everyone seems ok with that.  Of course bragging about one’s athletic skills or trying to appear youthful makes perfect sense when you think about the motives underlying such behavior – trying to attract and/or keep a mate – let’s just call it the reproductive dance.

Many of the things we normally do are motivated by our unconscious desire to reproduce.  Even people who take active steps to avoid reproduction still do the dance.  Every day research reveals how seemly trivial behavior is somehow links back to our reproductive desires.  Take the high heel shoe.  Research on the biomechanics of wearing high heels shows that “heels led to increased femininity of gait including reduced stride length and increased rotation and tilt of the hips.”  So there you have it.  Wearing high heels isn’t comfortable; rather it forces women to adopt a sexy stride.


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